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Proficiency Testing (PT) Program

The ACIL Corporation for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Proficiency Testing Inc. (ACE-PT Inc.) provides the world’s only set of ISO/IEC 17043-accredited EMC PT program schemes. Because an accredited program is now commercially available, laboratories must meet ILAC Policy ILAC-P9:11/2010 in addition to ISO/IEC 17025. The ACE-PT program satisfies this new industry standard with one proficiency test that addresses both sets of requirements.

The ACE-PT program also offers unprecedented scheduling flexibility with a 60- to 90-day completion rate per “round,” including analysis report preparation time, versus non-accredited programs that operate at most one “round” per scheme annually.  This allows for timely submission to accreditation bodies (ABs) and key customers, and repeat participation if required.

A2LA’s rigorous review of ACE-PT statistical and technical procedures during the accreditation process gives the program unmatched technical credibility. A passing result from an ACE-PT accredited scheme allows laboratories to provide immediate, conclusive proof to assessors that the laboratory fully satisfies the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Clause 5.9 for as many as seven key emissions test processes from a single scheme.

To discuss adding other PT schemes, contact our PT Program Coordinator

Register now to participate in any of ACE-PT Inc.’s four EMC PT schemes. For a more in-depth introduction to our current program offerings, click here.


First participant (test operator) at a given location
Additional participants (2nd through 4th participant at same location)
$300 each
One additional week at same location (up to 4 additional participants)


ACE-PT Inc. currently offers two different commercially-available ISO/IEC 17043-accredited EMC PT schemes to EMC test laboratories in the US.  These PT schemes address the test requirements in the ANSI C63.4-2009 EMC Standards. Our PT schemes are relevant to your EMC test laboratory if you have any or all of these EMC standards on your current or planned ISO/IEC 17025 Scope of Accreditation.

The schemes offered are:

Click on the respective scheme for details on the measurements and the laboratory equipment/facilities requirements (i.e., pre-requisites) for each of the above schemes.

Test Artifacts

Each current ACE-PT Inc. EMC PT scheme uses one of two test artifacts — either a York Comparison Noise Emitter Model CNE III or a WD Test Solutions Model EM-18. The York CNE III is a broadband noise source, which produces a continuous useful output from 150 kHz to 1 GHz. The WD Test Solutions EM-18 is a spectrally-broadened comb generator, which produces useful outputs from 1 GHz to 18 GHz. As the ACE-PT Inc. PT Program grows, we will add new test artifacts.

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